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    When you are looking to talk to someone in person at a your Local Kentucky Unemployment Office, you can use the tools provided by them at http://www.oet.ky.gov.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE from the Office of Kentucky Unemployment:

    Kentucky Jobs Open NOW

    Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) will be available through 2013.
    The President has signed the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 that includes the EUC extension. The legislation authorizes up to 37 weeks of EUC benefits for individuals who have exhausted their regular benefits (which last up to 26 weeks). The new law did not increase or decrease the number of weeks available. If you had not received all of your EUC benefits before Dec. 29, 2012, then you may continue to claim EUC until you run out. If you run out of regular benefits after Dec. 29, 2012, and you still meet eligibility requirements, you may apply for and claim EUC benefits. If you have already received all of the EUC benefits for which you were eligible, the new legislation does not grant you additional weeks of benefits. Please check out http://www.oet.ky.gov for more info

    090120-F-5586B-270.JPG The state of Kentucky is now accepting claims for the latest Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) extension that President Obama signed  into law on Nov. 6 2009.Eligible claimants may now file online at http://www.oet.ky.gov and should start receiving checks for these benefits within two weeks. The unemployed who are currently drawing benefits that will exhaust on or prior to Dec. 26, will be automatically enrolled in this latest Unemployment extension.


    This latest Unemployment extension provides up to 14 additional weeks of federally funded compensation to Kentucky’s unemployed workers who have exhausted their 26 weeks of state benefits and all federally funded benefits provided through all the previous the emergency extensions.

    “This latest extension has the potential of assisting more than 32,000 Kentuckians who are struggling to provide for their families,” said Gov. Beshear. “This additional compensation will help them endure these challenging times as we all work together to put Kentuckians back to work.”

    The nearly 10,000 Kentuckians who have already exhausted all 79 weeks of UI benefits may be eligible for payments retroactive to Nov. 8. A link will be made available within the online claims application by Dec 10, 2009 to allow requests of eligible weeks retroactive to that time. Claimants should wait two business days after filing to request payments for prior weeks on the oet.ky.gov Web site.

    Kentucky Unemployment benefits


    The state of Kentucky Unemployment rate, currently well above the national average has created some detrimental effects on the finances of its residents. Kentucky offers you unemployment so that you are given some means of financing your life until you seek and find additional unemployment.


    Kentucky Unemployment Insurance benefits are a temporary solution to the dilemma of not having an income when you are out of work.

    Your eligibility for the collection of Unemployment compensation benefits is determined several ways. You must be out of work through no fault of your own to be eligible for unemployment compensation.

    You must also be eligible for work and be willing to accept a job if it is found and offered to you. If you turn down a position, even one which pays less than your unemployment benefits you are no longer eligible for benefits under the unemployment compensation.


    You must file a claim with the Kentucky Unemployment Office, in order to gain your unemployment benefits. As soon as it is determined that you will be off work for more than a small period of days, you should begin your filing of unemployment papers in order to receive the full amount due to you in as little time as possible. Your filing is not retroactive to your last day of work, but will begin on the first date of filing and proceed from there, meaning that you will only be able to be paid after you’ve filed.

    Portrait of happy young businesswoman Since your unemployment compensation checks won’t begin to appear until perhaps 3-4 weeks after the initial filing, it is in your best interests to file as soon as possible after your last date of work.

    You have certain other rights as well as responsibilities under the laws of Kentucky when it comes to filing for, and receiving benefits from Kentucky Unemployment insurance. Those rights and responsibilities are made clear for you on the Kentucky Unemployment Office web site, along with instructions for filing electronically, as well as offices locations and other contact information for the Kentucky OET.


    Kentucky does, as well as most other states now, offer you an extension of your benefits under the Emergency Benefits program which was signed into law, permitting you to gain about 80% of your total unemployment benefits above and beyond your regular UC compensation package. What this means is that you are able, in most states to gain another 13 to 20 weeks of unemployment in addition to your regular unemployment compensation. This was done in response to the higher national unemployment rate.

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    Kentucky OET web sites can offer more information about what you can expect from the unemployment insurance program in their state, as well as exactly how to file and what to do if your unemployment compensation is denied to you.