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    Kentucky OET, or Office of Employment and Training  also called the Kentucky Unemployment Office, exists to assist the users in filing for unemployment compensation, a guarantee of income when you have been displaced from your job through circumstances which are not of your making.


    With the jobless rate in Kentucky sitting at about 9.2 percent, a bit higher than the national average, Kentucky’s job training facilities can greatly benefit the newly displaced worker in finding either a new job or training for a job that will be more secure for them in the future.

    Kentucky’s main web site for unemployment is called the OET, or the Kentucky Office of Employment and Training and is part of a department called the Department for Workforce Investment. The Kentucky Unemployment Office offers you more than just a few services and site pages to select from, each with a specific service to offer to the unemployed worker.


    Kentucky Jobs Open NOW

    The main web site offers multiple services to the web site users, and the staff of the OET offer training, unemployment insurance benefit services as well as labor and labor market information to the web site users.

    While visiting the Kentucky OET web site(http://www.oet.ky.gov/des/) you may find job services and job matching services which permit you to interact with employers who may find your skills beneficial for their company. Upload your resume and let the Kentucky OET match your experiences and your particular job skills with an employer who has need of them.

    You may seek out new employment opportunities on the Kentucky Job Services site, and the searches are available to you on a local, state and national level, to compare new positions.


    The Kentucky Unemployment office site also offers unemployment benefits filing, and instructions to file for your unemployment compensation benefits online, as well as instructions for offline or telephone filing of those claims.

    Additionally your visit to the Kentucky Unemployment Office will help you by offering you statistics on the wages and job market, and patterns and trends in the job market so that you can plan accordingly. The labor statistics Kentucky OET offers you are available to you nationally as well as locally, in your area, and state wide.

    The Kentucky OET site has a great deal of helpful information to assist the job seeker or displaced worker to find employment and can be accessed at :


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