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    The OET of Kentucky, or the Kentucky Unemployment Offices are far more than simply a place to file unemployment. They also offer you multiple other benefits, up to and including the ability to file for the Unemployment Compensation insurance extended benefits program which will extend your unemployment compensation by as much as thirteen weeks of unemployment,.



    Additionally you will find multiple ways to seek out new jobs there, as well as links to assist you if you are considering a career change and ways to help you find training programs, as well as a method to pay for those training programs.

    Though you can file for your unemployment insurance benefits at the Kentucky Offices of Employment and Training, they do in fact recommend that you don’t, since it takes far less time to apply online or by means of the telephone.


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    Application for your employment benefits by phone can be made by phoning : 1-859-547-3362

    Application for unemployment benefits by online application at the OET web site can be accomplished by accessing the following site page:



    Kentucky Jobs Open NOW

    For your convenience, or if you don’t have internet access from home, or have a part of the unemployment compensation filing process that you do not understand there are multiple OET offices in the state of Kentucky to serve you.

    Your Unemployment office, or OET in Kentucky is a place where you can avail yourself of the job seeker services using the computers housed in the OET offices, clarify your rights and responsibilities under the Kentucky Unemployment Benefits program or meet with an employment counselor to assist you in retraining to find a new position in a new field in Kentucky.

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    The Kentucky Office of Employment and Training Offices, or Kentucky Unemployment Offices, which are in your area are listed on the Kentucky OET web sites, and are listed by region of the state. To find an office of Employment and training, visit the Kentucky OET web site, located at http://www.oet.ky.gov/.

    The offices have various hours, for each specific region so do make sure that you visit the main Kentucky web site in order to find a telephone directory and other information for your visit to the regional OET offices.

    You may also telephone or TDD the Kentucky Office of Employment and Training at the following numbers:

    Office of Employment and Training

    275 East Main Street 2nd Floor

    Frankfort, Kentucky 40601

    502.564.7456 Phone

    502.564.7459 Fax

    Kentucky Relay Service


    Frankfort Kentucky Unemployment Office

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