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  • How Do I file for unemployment in Kentucky


    The jobless rate in Kentucky presently is about 9.2 percent, which means that it it sits above the national average, meaning that filing for unemployment compensation in the Kentucky area can be lengthy if you do so in person at an employment center. The Kentucky Unemployment office can help by providing a means of income when your employment status has been interrupted.


    It is important to file your claim as soon as you are permitted by your state, since in most states, unemployment compensation begins the day you file, NOT the day you are released from work, so your finances may be interrupted if you do not file as soon as you are allowed to do so. Unemployment is also not retroactive to your last date of work in many states.

    When filing for regular unemployment compensation insurance in the state of Kentucky, you can, and should file for those benefit checks using the internet, which site is located at :



    Filing at the Kentucky Unemployment Office web site will greatly speed the process of filing a claim in Kentucky and may prevent you from actually losing out on some weeks of unemployment compensation that you might have claimed.

    Since the web site and the phone lines are busy in Kentucky currently, there are specific hours you may file, even when using the automated online system.

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    The specific rules for filing, which come to you directly from the Kentucky OET web site are as follows:

    If you are FILING A CLAIM or REQUESTING BENEFITS, either on the Internet or using the phone system, please note you can do so based upon the last digit of your Social Security Number. Below is the schedule you should follow, directly from the Kentucky Unemployment Web Site text. Due to an increase in the number of unemployment compensation filings, the following schedule will hold true.


    If the last number of your Social Security Number is:

    – 0, 1, you can file your claim or request benefits on Monday

    – 2, 3, 4, 5 you can file your claim or request benefits on Tuesday

    – 6, 7, 8, 9 you can file your claim or request benefits on Wednesday

    Hours for requesting benefits are Sunday 10am-9pm and Monday-Friday 7am-7pm.

    ky state capital

    If you are filing an Extended Unemployment claim, please use the extended unemployment benefits website.

    If you are requesting Extended Unemployment benefit checks, please do so by calling 866-291-2926.

    If you are requesting your benefit check you may do so anytime during the week you were instructed to Sunday-Friday.

    Filing for unemployment in Kentucky has never been easier than now, with the wonderful web site services and the electronic filing available to us. If nothing else we can at least be grateful for the speed with which we can complete our claims business.